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New Privacy Statement

We have a new privacy statement which you can read here.

Basically we collect the bare minimum of information in order to complete your order and comply with legal requirements to create a contract and comply with Revenue requirements. 

We collect your name, address (including delivery if different from billing address), e-mail and phone contact and the toys and games you are buying. We use Shopify Payments and Paypal for payment and never in fact see them ourselves. We use Shopify inc to process all orders and they maintain our customer data. We do not keep customer data locally. Shopify inc are what is called a Data processor and are compliant with GDPR. Interestingly their Data Protection Officer is based here in Ireland!

All our marketing e-mails are opt in. In practise we don't use them - I don't like getting them myself!

We never pass on customer information to any Third Party (except Shopify to process the transaction who do share with other Third Parties for processing but never for Marketing ). We don't customer profile.

That's the basics. 

Detailed statement here

Any questions contact Stuart our Data Processing officer at

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