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Codenames word game -




Codenames was a winner of Spiel des Jahres in 2016 and voted number 1 party game on boardgamegeek. There are 25 cards - agents, bystanders and 1 assassin with codenames. Only the 2 rival spymasters know their secret identities. The teams compete to contact their agents first only using the one word clues from their spymaster. Avoid the assassin! The game is played in 2 teams so needs at least 4 players. One player on each team is the spymaster and knows secret information about the 5 x 5 grid that they have to convey to their team using limited clues - one word and a number to show how many cards are being referred to. E.g Food 2 could mean Broccoli and Ginger. The choice of the word is key and there can be plenty of misunderstandings as there are 400 codenames. 4+ players age 10+. 15 minutes to play

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