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Cheeky Monkies - orchard toys counting game -

Orchard Toys

Cheeky Monkeys


Winner of the best new toy at Toy Fair 2017 Cheeky Monkeys from Orchard Toys includes a 3D tree which you can hang all your bananas from. This is a first counting game with an element of strategy as players try to collect the most bananas - will you stick or spin again and risk losing what you have. At the start of the game you choose a section of the tree to hang the monkeys on and pick one face down monkey to hang up. Spin the spinner, if you land on bananas turn over a monkey card, you can stop there or spin again. If you get a cheeky monkey you can take a monkey from someone elses's branches, if the monkey is in a pool then place all the monkeys you collected this turn on the pool board. Land on the ? and win all the monkeys on the pool board. At the end of the game the player with the most monkeys win - count them up! Age 4-8. 2-4 players

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