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Money Match Café _ Sterling Version -

Orchard Toys

Money Match Café _ Sterling Version

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Sterling version. Learn about money and counting in this game from Orchard Toys. There are 4 3D tables that you set up. Each player then gets 4 meal cards all with a price on them. There are 32 money cards which are placed face down, a till card and a tray card. The first player turns over a money card and looks to see if the coins add up to the price of one of their meals. If it doesn't turn it back over and play moves to the next player. If it does match place the money card on the till and spin the spinner to see which table gets the meal. Place it on the tray and deliver it to the table. First player to get rid of their cards wins.  The money and prices are in £ and p. The coin cards show 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 and £2. 2-4 players. Age 5-8. This is the Sterling version sent to us in error but gameplay is the same.

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