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Orchard Toys Dirty Dinos counting game -

Orchard Toys

Dirty Dinos


Dirty Dinos from Orchard Toys is a fun colour and counting game. Each player takes 1 of the 4 bathtub boards. Then spread the 25 dinosaur cards dirty side up on the table. Spin the double spinner and pick up the dinosaur that matches both the colour and type of dinosaur (5 different colours and 5 different types) and put it in your bath tub bubble side up. Here's the sneaky bit - if the dinosaur you're looking for is in someone else's tub you take it to your tub. The game ends when everyone's bath tub is full of happy clean dinosaurs. Count the bubbles and the person with most bubbles wins. There are 2 other ways to play as well. 2-4 players aged 3 to 6

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