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HABA The Little Orchard (Le Petit Verger) -


HABA The Little Orchard (Le Petit Verger)


In this lovely game from Haba the children must come to gather the cherries.But the cheeky raven flies around them.Will the children be able to get all the cherries back before the raven reaches the tree?The children must try to pick all the cherries before the raven has reached the tree.The player throws the dice and gets a flower (picking up a card of the same colour of the flower) or the sun (picking up a card of his/her choice).The card will be one of three options: a cherry (the player takes the cherry and keeps the card), a raven (the raven takes a step towards the cherry tree and the card is returned face down on the table) or a sleeping animal (nothing happens, the card is placed face up on the table).The player must then remember the cards to not let the raven win.The other players can help, of course.The game ends when the raven reaches the last box (the players have then lost together) or when all the cherries have been picked by all players. Game duration:10 min. Instructions: French, German, English, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. The box is French but there is no language on the cards or in the game itself. The 3D game board is lovely with a 3D raven and wooden cherries. Age 3+. 2-4 players.

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