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Larsen European Forest Puzzle 40 pce FH17 -


Larsen European Forest Puzzle 40 pce FH17

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Larsen produced 40 piece  jigsaw of the flora and fauna you might find in a European forest. Don't know if all the wildlife can be found in Ireland but most of them are. A herd of deer is moving through this forest across the stream. Larsen describe the scene as follows: A tawny owl flies through the trees and a red fox stops for a drink from the stream. A woodmouse contemplates a stag beetle for lunch as a hedgehog walks by. How many baby chicks are in the nest with the mother jay pair? Bracket fungus grows on the trunks of many of the trees, and a garden cross spider has spun a web to trap insects. How many different butterflies can you find in the forest? Puzzle is 36 x 29cm approx. Made from hard card. Irregular shaped pieces. Age 4+

This is a boxless tray and frame style puzzle so no picture to follow. I would suggest work from outside in.

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