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Larsen Pond puzzle 50 pce FH19 -


Larsen Pond puzzle 50 pce FH19


Lovely puzzle from Larsen of the many creatures you might find in a vibrant pond. 50 irregular shaped pieces.  According to Larsen you will find aquatic species include a grey heron desperately latching onto an eel, crack willow and alder trees, a focused kingfisher looking for lunch, a banded agrion damselfly, brown trout catching a mayfly, a great crested newt, a masculine moorhen, wonderful great pond snails, male and female sticklebacks, an emperor dragonfly, musty mosquito larva, a great diving beetle, tiny tadpoles, wriggling water fleas, a water vole, a carp, bloodsucking leeches, a dabbling duck, wrestling whirligig beetles, a pretty perch, mysterious minnows, a flittering frog, surrounded by typical pond phragmites, a beautiful yellow water Lilly, hornwort, watermilfoil, water starwort and abundant algae. I haven't checked them out myself but can you spot them all? Puzzle is 36 x 29cm approx. Suggested age is 4+, it will be a challenging jigsaw due to no picture and the irregular pieces.

This is a boxless tray and frame style puzzle

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