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Love Letter - strategy games -


Love Letter


Love Letter is the acclaimed multiple award winning card game involving risk, deduction and luck. Will you get your love letter to the princess before anyone else. There are just 16 game cards, 4 reference cards and affection tokens. Each of the 16 game cards represent someone in the palace who has access to the princess. The cards are numbered, the higher the number the closer they are to the princess. Each card also has an effect when it is discarded which will change the outcome of the game - for example a player mey get knocked out of the round. Each player draws one card at the start, on their turn they draw a second card and decide which one to discard and apply the instructions on the card. The round continues until all the cards in the deck have been used. This is the end of day 1 and the person with the highest number cards wins the token. Day 2 begins and play goes on until the required number of tokens have been won by one player. (Differs based on the number of players). It comes in a lovely cloth  pouch. 2-4 Players. Suggested age is 8+

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