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Orchard Toys Magic Spelling -

Orchard Toys

Magic Spelling


Magic Spelling is a first spelling game from Orchard Toys where you use "magic" to find the word. Each player chooses a spell book board (4 in total). Spread the 36 letter tiles upside down. Shuffle the 36 word cards  and place them face down in a pile. There are also 20 spell ingredient cards, a magic spinner cauldron, wand and timer. Turn over a word card, look at the picture and decide how to spell it. Then race against the timer to find the right letters using the magic wand. The wand shows the letter as you hold it over the card. Check your answer and if you're right place a spell ingredient card on your spell book. First to get all the ingredients and cast a spell using the magic cauldron wins. 2 - 4 players. Age 5-7 

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