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Pizza Pizza


Everybody loves pizza! (Although I do know someone who has theirs without cheese) In Pizza Pizza from Orchard Toys try to be the first to make a perfect pizza. A fun colour and shape matching game, but unlike a traditional pizza, the toppings in this game are sometimes very unusual and yukky, which children find hilarious. The pizza slices are placed face down, spin the spinner and pick a slice by matching the shape or colour. If it's a lovely topping place it on your pizza board, if it's yucky (slugs or bugs), the chef says it must go "in the bin" and is placed on the swing bin on the head chef's board. Steal slices from other boards too! 25 pizza slices, 4 pizza boards, 1 double spinner, 1 head chef board and instructions.   2-4 players. Age 3-7

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