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Orchard Toys Where's My Cupcake -

Orchard Toys

Where's my Cupcake


There are 4 plate boards and 40 cupcakes cards in this sharing game from Orchard Toys. 10 cards are placed face up, all the rest in a pile. Pick a card from the pile and match it to one of the cards face up or on your plate. If it's a match keep it but if you can't match it and it matches another players cupcake on their plate offer it to the other player. Includes a tasty cupcake recipe to make at home. Once all the cards are picked up from the pile the player with the most cupcakes wins. There is still some competition but also sharing (even if it's reluctantly!) Contents: 4 plate boards, 40 cupcake cards, 1 recipe board, 1 instruction leaflet. Age 3+. 2-4 players.

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